Trimming & Hood Replacement

Original specification re-trimming and seat recovering in vinyl or leather. Headlining’s refitted or replaced. Full range of hoods stocked and fitted in OE vinyl, mohair or double duck. Rear window panel replacement service.

Loosely lining up the new hood on the original frame.

Marking a trimming line along the front header rail.

Bonding the hood to the front header rail.

New hoods are available in a number of colours to match

MGB’s in various stages of refitting and trimming.

Interior trim replacement underway.

The completed car with grey leather interior.

All ready for shipment back to Cyprus.

Complete retrim of walnut dashboard,leather seats, door trims and carpeting on 1964 Daimler MK2 250 V8 saloon.

The retrim kit for the Daimler

Daimler saloon ready for collection after extensive bodywork and interior trim work